In 3 steps to a finished product

A roof tile contains out of three different basic elements clay, water and fire. Learn more about the processing of our products and navigate through the icons to the respective unit in our company.

Scratched on the surface

Why are some roof tiles matt but others have a shining glaze? What advantages do glazes have? And what are cushioned tiles actually? Let us explain the differences. So that your choice of roof tile from over 50 different colours is a real success.

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Verschiebeziegel Walther Tegula

Natural red and engobed

In its pure form you’ll receive the classical fired clay as a natural product, optionally finished with a standard engobe or coloured as you wish. Since centuries roofes are covered with these tiles. Natural red and engobed tiles are available with all our tiles.

Biberschwanzziegel Biber

Multi coloured engobes

Multi coloured tiles are your first choice for individual roof projects and selected historic preservation projects. During the manufacturing process natural pigments will be applied on the tile with the help of pulsating jets and fired afterwards. Every tile will be a unicum and will only unfold its special effect as a multi coloured tile through the interaction with other tiles on the roof.

Flachdachziegel J11v edelengobiert

Fine engobes

With the fine engobes you receive a tile, that is covered with a thin layer of 40 bis 80 μm. This breathable layer containing out of clay, glass powder, colouring oxides and additives, provides the tile with its unique silk surface shining as well as an aesthetic similarity to the glossy glazing. Fine engobed tiles have a good price-performance-ratio and are available in six fine shades.

Flachdachpfanne W6v

Glossy premium range „Brillanz“

Tiles that are finished with the glossy premium range „Brillanz“, convince due to their shiny surface with its open pores. You receive a product of high quality, that provides an excellent cleaning action and will defy accumulations of algaes and lichens. Over decades your covered roof will hardly pollute. Furthermore the glossy premium range „Brillanz“ convinces with its bright colour intensity.

Flachdachziegel J13v Avantgarde Glasur

High-gloss premium range “Avantgarde”

You will receive our premium-product by choosing the high-gloss premium range “Avantgarde” from Bilshausen. The glazed tiles can be finished with either a bright as well as a matt surface. The applied layer has a thickness of 100 to 200 μm, and contains out of glas and the wished for colour shade. Due to this finish you receive a tile with maximum hardness and gloss. Because of its hard, seald surface the roof allows only limited possibility for pollution due to algaes and linches. The bright beautiful gloss of the glazings and the colour intensity of the matt glazings remain upheld over decades.

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Hohlfalzziegel Z5 Variwell

Special series

Benefits of the steaming process are obvious: As a result of the throughout-dyed tiles elaborate roofs do not need to be reowrked with a lot of blend. Steamed produucts are very much appreciated with historic preservation projects. While straming a second fire process is performed, in completely eliminating the oxygen supply. The iron oxide that is part of the oxygen will be deprived, and the fired piece receives its typical shade in three different colours.

Product range

20 different roof tiles in over 50 different shades and high-quality surfaces offer a virtually endless choice so you can find the perfect tile for any building. Get inspiration from Jacobi-Walther clay roof tiles.

Individual request

Variety can be even more varied! Are you still looking for your very own roof tiles? Then we would be delighted to send you your individual perfect roof tile via the contact form. We also make the unusual possible.

From nature to nature

We at Jacobi-Walther rely on a sustainable value-added chain. Each of our tiles is a purely natural product – for your resistant, long-lasting and aesthetic roof. Click the four icons to receive additional information on our idea of “from nature to nature”.

Schonender Abbau Dachziegel Jacobi Walther

Careful extraction

Good clay is our most important good. We work with it in an environmentally-friendly and resource-efficient way. We therefore recultivate our clay pits and ensure short delivery routes when supplying high-quality clay. Our roof tiles are 100{98b55327129fa8320b5e092e09938edbba4a02f925c9e34ca99189affbb10ff3} made in Germany.

Präzise Produktion Dachziegel Jacobi Walther

Precise production

Our tiles are produced using the most up-to-date production processes. This saves energy in production and ensures a pleasant working environment for our employees. And for our tiles, this is the basis for their high and sustainable lifespan.

Langfristige Nutzung Dachziegel Jacobi Walther

Long-term use

Our tiles are produced using the most up-to-date production processes. This saves energy in production and ensures a pleasant working environment for our employees. And for our tiles, this is the basis for their high and sustainable lifespan.

Wiederverwendbare Entsorgung Dachziegel Jacobi Walther

Can be recycled

Our high-quality clay roof tiles are 100{98b55327129fa8320b5e092e09938edbba4a02f925c9e34ca99189affbb10ff3} recyclable. After decades of use on the roof, the fired clay can be reused, e.g. as “tile sand” on hard surfaces and tennis courts.