WALTHER-tegula - fine slate

The tegula is our roof tile with maximum height adjustability. It can slide by up to 80 millimetres. Its double side and base fold will protect any property reliably for decades. The straight lines and varied play between light and dark make the WALTHER tegula a tile that perfectly matches modern architecture. With traditional, light and also popular dark tones, you can decorate any contemporary roof.

Available dimensions

    Overall dimension
    27,0 x 42,0 cm
    Cover length (CL)
    27,0 - 35,0 cm
    Cover width
    23,1 cm
    Required no. of units per m2
    12,4 - 16,0
    ca. 3,7 kg
    Recommended roof pitch
    ≥ 30°

    Variety of colours

    ceramic accessories

    non-ceramic accessories

    Overall dimensions27,0 x 42,0 cm
    Cover length (CL)27,0 - 35,0 cm
    Processing verge27,0 - 32,5 cm
    Cover width (CW)23,1 cm
    Stückbedarf pro m²Required no. of units per m²12,4 - 16,0
    Weight per unitca. 3,7 kg
    Recommended roof pitch≥ 30°
    First-Latten-Abstand (LAF) in mm
    Ridge tileroof pitch
    Ridge-batten-distance (FLA)
    Ridge tileroof pitch