Interlocking tile Z5 »variwell«

Interlocking tile Z5 »variwell« – The loved classic

Above all the Z5 is a popular, classical interlocking pantile especially in northern Germany. No other Jacobi-Walther roof tiles are available to you in such a wide range of colours and finishes. Since its introduction in 1920, we have consistently developed the premium-quality, long-lasting interlocking pantile and optimised it for use on your Roof.


Tile Interlocking tile Z5 »variwell«
Surface engobed
Colour natural red - dark, straight cut
Number of available colours 23

Z5 – premium quality since 1920

As a result of its curved shape and the perfect ends on corners, edges and surfaces, the top-quality interlocking pantile is ideal for draining water and withstands any weather situation. With the straight cut design, you get an aligned look that can be used for listed buildings and others.

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