At our Bilshausen site, near Göttingen, we are particularly proud of the variety of shapes and colors of our clay roof tiles. Our glazes and matt glazes from the Avantgarde Collection make a particularly brilliant impression.

Jacobi Tonwerke GmbH
Osteroder Str. 2
37434 Bilshausen

Phone: +49 5528 9100

Main site of roof tile manufacturer Jacobi in Bilshausen


Our factory in Langenzenn, near Nuremberg in Bavaria, is known as a plain tile specialist, especially in Franconia. Here we are so flexible in terms of advice and production that the possible combinations of shape and color seem almost endless.

Lohmühle 3-5
90579 Langenzenn

Phone: +49 9101 7080

Location of roof tile manufacturer Jacobi in Langenzenn