The benefits of the photovoltaic module at a glance

  • Performance per module: approx. 85 Watts, approx. 170 Watts per square metre
  • Quick to lay: one module replaces exactly six roof tiles
  • Hard roofing: can be laid as far as the fire walls
  • Static advantages: only 15 kg per m²
  • The J160-PV solution does not need to be earthed (potential equalisation)
  • Discrete full integration of modules in roof surface
  • Can be fitted up to a minimum pitch of 15 degrees
  • 10 year product guarantee and 25 year performance guarantee (80 % of rated performance after 25 years)
Noble space gray trend tile J160 with J160-PV in-roof module solution in the detail shot with ridge row

Quick and easy

Laying the PV in-roof system

The J160-PV module is quick and safe to lay. Unlike conventional photovoltaic systems, there is no time-consuming installation of rail systems, universal hooks or solar support tiles and the PV modules replace the tile coverage at this point. Roofers can focus on their core skills and fit the module in the same way as a roof tile. Each module is fixed to the support battens with six screws, the module also has a toothed strip for fixing the storm clips and the same specific trough system as the flat tiles.

Installation of the integrated PV system J160-PV

Good quality and safe

Technical specifications for PV module

One PV module replaces six roof tiles. The performance per module is approx. 85 Watt or 170 Watt per square metre. For 1,000 Watts or 1 kwp, you need around 12 modules.

The system is connected in series. This guarantees the same quick cabling as on-roof modules. A bypass diode is fitted into each module junction box. If a module is defective, e.g. it has been hit by a stone, the bypass module disconnects this module from the string and the system continues to work. The same happens if some of the modules are shaded.

Integrated photovoltaic system J160-PV

You can get an individual quote for a PV system here

The size of the J160-PV in-roof solution is largely based on the usable roof area. When calculating your quotation, our expert staff in our PV department will also factor in the number of people living in the household and the optimum alignment of the system. We are happy to produce an individual quote tailored to your project. Please contact us via e-mail on solar@dachziegel.de.

Please note that all sales are through authorised roofing specialists or construction materials suppliers.

Noble space gray trend tile J160 with J160-PV in-roof module solution with initial pane and verges.

Our guarantee

The combination of J160-PV in-roof modules and our ceramic products adds up to a quality roof: We provide a 20 year guarantee, with 10 years of full guarantee and 10 years of materials guarantee on all ceramic components and our system accessories. The materials used in the PV module have excellent UV and weather-resistance properties. Therefore, we provide a 10 year guarantee.

Our performance promise: even after 25 years, the solar modules produce at least 80 % of their initial output. The performance guarantee is linear from the second year to 80 % after 25 years.

We are here for you!

Are you interested in our integrated J160-PV photovoltaic system, or do you have further questions? Your personal contact person will be happy to advise you!

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