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Solid precipitation with a diameter of 5 mm or greater is described as hail. But little showers of sleet are pretty harmless for a well laid roof. However, combined with heavy rain and storms, they can turn into hailstorms that are getting stronger every year and can cause serious damage to roofs. So it is a good thing that we also offer hail-resistant tiles! Ceramic roof tiles from Jacobi-Walther have always boasted thicknesses of 10 mm and more. We do not skimp on materials in production, and the solid weight of the clay guarantees good hail-resistance. Some of our roof tile models have been certified to high hail resistance classes without any changes required to the tile design or the recesses. This means our roof tiles are just as easy to lay as they always were.

Hail resistance and just as easy to lay

One thing was important to us from the outset: Our roof tiles should comply with high hail resistance classes without any structural changes to the tile shape and recesses that could have an impact on laying. We achieved this with our tiles just as they are! We have always produced solid roof tiles with a thickness of at least 10 mm that stand up to stresses such as hail, and we do not skimp on clay in production. We think weight is an important marker of quality! For the end client, this means increased safety in the roof. This applies particularly to heavy hip roofs with lots of cut-outs. They are still easy to lay, as the sliding distance is retained, making working on them much easier.

Roof covering with J11v flat roof tiles for good hail resistance

These ceramic roof tiles have been certified hail-resistant.

We have started work on certifying the first Jacobi-Walther tile models in close cooperation with the leading fire safety and safety research company, IBS-Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung GmbH. Back in 2021, our J160, J13v, W6v and Z5 tiles were awarded hail resistance class 4, corresponding to a hailstorm with hailstones of up to 40 mm. The J11v flat roof tile, an 11-format flat roof tile that is made in Germany, was even awarded HW5 status, the top score available! We then commissioned further tests. Three more tiles have now been awarded hail resistance class 4, our WALTHER Stylist® flat tile, the Tradition 2021 double recess clay tile and the Z10 reform tile.

Hailstorms are on the rise

Statistically speaking, hailstorms have not only become more frequent in recent years, they have also increased in intensity (source: www.baunetzwissen.de). In 2019, golf ball-sized hailstones caused enormous damage in southern and eastern Germany. The storm caused smashed roof tiles, dented cars and broken windows. Increasing hailstorms in Germany are causing millions in damages. The best protection against substantial hail damage is quality, hail-certified products.

There are also discussions in Germany about a ‘hail register’ similar to the system already introduced in Austria and Switzerland. Classification into hail resistance classes (HRC) can help selecting tiles in some regions, and insurance companies also use them as a guide. For the purpose of certification, a number of hail resistance classes have been defined, with 1 being relatively low hail protection and 5 very high hail resistance.

Certification of hail-proof ceramic roof tiles

The testing and certification of hail-proof ceramic roof tiles is carried out by leading fire safety and safety research company, IBS-Institut für Brandschutztechnik und Sicherheitsforschung GmbH. A range of ice balls of different weights and sizes are shot at a right angle to the tile surface at a specific speed. Components that, for example, remained free of damage following impact of a stone with a diameter of 30 mm but are damaged by 40 mm are classified in HRC3. HRC5 components also withstand being shot by hailstones with a diameter of 50 mm. Therefore, the hail resistance class defines the value at which the component remains undamaged.

Certification of clay roof tiles for hail resistance

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