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Our FAQs provide you with answers to frequently asked questions in the categories About us, My roof, Surfaces and colors, Roofing, Technology and accessories, Service, Environment and Disposal. Click on an icon and you are immediately in the topic.

About us


Do you have questions about our company or our products? Then this FAQ section is the right place for you.

My roof

Are you planning a renovation or new build and are you thinking about roofing for the first time? Here are the answers for prospective building owners to basic questions such as shapes, planning and appearance.

PV, roof tiles & Co.


Are you a building owner and have questions about roofing? Or are you a fabricator and have initial questions about our PV solutions? Then simply click through our prepared questions. Is your question so specific that you can’t find an answer here? Your specialist advisor will be happy to take the time.

Engobe, finde engobe or glaze from the Avantgarde Collection?

Oberflächen & Farben

Hardly any other manufacturer offers such a variety of colors and surfaces for roof tiles and ceramic accessories, such as ridge tiles or verges. Here you will find answers to questions about the individual color categories. Your question was NOT included? Write to us at marketing@dachziegel.de.

Solar & Environment

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about our solar products and our efforts to protect the environment.

Technical questions & answers

Technology & Accessories

Have you already come across terms such as hail resistance or standard roof pitch? You can find information about this here.