Colour and variety on the roof

The fascinating colour pallet of our ceramic roof tiles

As the ‘5th façade’, the roof has a major impact on the style of the building. Ceramic roof tiles play an important role as they provide room for a range of different architectural styles. Whether you are looking for a classical, modern or historical roof design, our 20 roof tile modules and quality finishes allow you to implement varied roof designs.

Why are some roof tiles matt and others glossy? What are the benefits of a glazed finished? And what are steamed tiles? We can explain the difference to you so you can find the perfect roof tile from more than 50 different colours.

Product diversity

Multicoloured engobes

Multicoloured roof tiles are the first choice for individual builds and selected listed building projects. During the production process, pulsing nozzles are used to apply the natural colour to the tiles before firing. Each tile becomes a unique piece, and it is only when they are all put together on the roof that you can appreciate the real effect of the multicoloured ceramic roof tiles.

Subtle combination of roof tiles and photovoltaics

Our roof-integrated photovoltaic systems

Our solar solutions
Noble space gray trend tile with J160-PV in-roof module solution in detail view.

Special series

Our special series are perfect for individual requirements. Steamed or salt-fired tiles allow you to achieve extravagant roofs or preserve listed buildings.

Frisian colour salt firing special order
Salt-firing is a refinement process which involves spraying the roof tiles with a natural salt at specific times. When they are fired, these areas produce a colour spectrum with hues ranging from red to shimmering blue. The Frisian colour salt firing special order is available in a Z5 straight cut and in H1 and H2.

Steamed red special order
This variant exposes naturally red tiles to a short steam phase. This special order is available in a Z5 straight cut and in H1 and H2.

Grey steamed special order
The excellent quality of the original red blank and the intense firing process during steaming produces polar grey, light grey and midnight grey tones. This special order is available in the Z2 and Z5 straight cut, the H1 and H2 and in plain tiles.

Our roof tiles for listed buildings

Choosing the right design and colour of roof tiles in listed buildings can often be a challenge. With our numerous formats and cuts, we offer a wide range of options for the preservation of listed buildings. Our wide range of colours and finishes round off what we offer to those preserving listed buildings.

Documentation center with double troughed interlocking tile Z2 in light grey steamed

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Do you have any questions about what we offer? Can you not find the right colour, or do you have very specific requirements? Then get in touch! We have centuries of experience, so we are also able to cater for individual requirements. Your personal contact person will be there to help and advise!

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