Our clay roof tiles are synonymous with aesthetics, durability and high product quality. We recommend using our ceramic and non-ceramic roof accessories to ensure that these properties are optimally utilised on the roof. These are available in all the same colours as our roof tile models – so nothing stands in the way of a harmonious roof appearance.

Accessories for our roof tiles

  • Ceramic accessories

    With ridges, double beads and ventilation tiles, our ceramic accessories meet all important requirements, making them the perfect solution for a completely ceramic roof.

    Detailed view of First
  • Non-ceramic accessories

    Quality, long-lasting accessories made of cast aluminium for a perfect fit with our roof tiles. Available in a range of colours.

    Dachdetail mit nichtkeramischen Zubehör von Jacobi
  • Storm clips

    Our storm clips are used to secure roof tiles to the roof framework. They are available in various designs.

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