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Variety and individuality

With 20 different roof tile designs in more than 50 different colours and quality finishes, there is a virtually endless selection allowing you to find the perfect roof tile for any property. We have centuries of experience, so we are also able to cater for individual requirements.

Colours & finishes

Combined with a lovely façade and the right roof design for the property, the colours and finishes of the ceramic roof tiles tell a story. They radiate energy and individuality. Whether it is standard natural red, engobed, luxury engobed or glazed, with a gloss or matt finish, you are bound to find your favourite among our range of colours and finishes.

Discover our world of colours 

Colorful paints for the production of clay roof tiles

Products & Innovation

Making ceramic roof tiles is our passion. With our 20 roof tile models and lots of different cuts, you can create varied roof designs, from new builds to listed buildings. Our roof-integrated PV solutions also offer high-performance photovoltaic systems that can be discretely embedded into the roof.

Our products 

Jacobi's product range from the beaver to the Stylist PV solar tile.

Grey is not the same as black

Designer colours for the perfect roof architecture

A roof should be robust and timeless. But there are still trends that change the look of roofs from time to time. Based on the motto ‘Grey is not the same as black’, you can choose from a total of 15 different grey and black shades that are currently bang on trend. And if you wish to add other accent colours, you can pick from more than 50 colours for your roof tiles: There is no patented recipe for the perfect roof, but we know how we can support you in finding the perfect tile for your project.

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Order sample tiles

Our values

Quality clay is our most valuable resource. As part of our ground-breaking vision of ‘200 years of Jacobi’, we are fully committed to sustainable working methods in harmony with the environment. The careful renaturing of our clay pits and the conscious selection of short delivery routes for our top-quality clay underline our commitment to tradition and the environment.

Quality clay

The origins of our quality roof tiles lie in the fascinating interaction between three elemental components: clay, water and fire. Our product is a genuine natural product, the development of which was based on this harmonious connection.

Find out more about our clay 

The clay from which our high-quality bricks are produced.

Sustainability & quality

Ensuring a sustainable value chain is our top priority. Every tile from the Jacobi-Walher range represents a natural product that provides a durable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing roof.

More on sustainability and quality 

Tongrube für nachhaltige und qualitativ hochwertige Tondachziegle