Plain tiles – still as tried and tested today as they were back then

Plain tile manufactory

Plain tile manufactory

The plain tile – a historical trendsetter

Whether South German plain tile, Berlin plain tile, wave plain tile, church plain tile or tower plain tile – our diverse models and shapes fulfill the most varied wishes. The wide range of colors and surfaces of the plain tile enables many different individual roofing solutions. Whether standard or custom-made, it is the ideal clay roof tile for renovations, listed buildings and new builds.

Our plain tiles

Our plain tile in different colors and shapes

The plain tile is proven to be the oldest roofing material made from clay. Even today, it is one of the tiles that make every roof unique and special. The diverse combinations of format, cut shape, surface structure and colors provide almost endless possibilities for plain tile roofing. No other roof tile in our range is as versatile as the plain tile.

Hardly any other clay roof tile is as versatile as the plain tile. As they are cut from an endlessly pressed clay strand, many different formats and cut shapes – from round to pointed – are possible.

Plain tile Mix surface

Great variety, endless design options

We divide the plain tiles into four sizes: Berlin plain tile (15.5×38), tower plain tile (14.2×28.5), wave plain tile (17×38) and South German plain tile (18×38). The latter plain tile is available as a round or segment cut. Our special “Antique” series with additional formats, especially for listed buildings, rounds off our beaver range.

Your exclusive roof from our plain tile manufactory

At our plain tile manufactory in Langenzenn, we fulfill your individual wishes for plain tile model shapes, colors and surfaces.

Your advantages

  • We implement your individual wishes for plain tile shapes, colors and surfaces
  • Design your completely individual plain tile from format, cut shape, color, surface structure and tile thickness
  • You will receive hand samples for testing to ensure that your wishes are implemented correctly
  • Your bricks are specially made for you in a separate firing process
  • You receive intensive individual advice – right from the start
Vintage plain tiles

“Feierabendziegel” – a tradition that has almost disappeared

Roof tiles decorated with artistic drawings and inscriptions are known as “Feierabendziegel”. According to custom, the brickmakers had to decorate the last roof tile to be finished that day after their work was done. The workers would carve simple sketches such as depictions of animals or simple views of nature into the unfired clay.
Jacobi Tonwerke GmbH has always practiced this tradition and even today a significant motif is selected each year and presented on the annual beaver. The annual beavers are then added to the beaver production and mixed into the clay roof tile pallets during packaging. It is therefore possible that your Beaver pallet will also contain one of these after-work tiles and that it will bring you luck on your roof.

Plain tile Annual plain tradition

Annual plain tiles have a variety of motifs, most of which are intended to be positive

Plain tile Annual

At the Langenzenn site, the motifs are still traditionally beaten by hand

Plain tiles for monument protection

History is not only written in books. As a traditional family business, it is a matter close to our hearts to preserve our historical heritage in monument protection. True to the motto “Preserving tradition, creating value”, we fire the right clay roof tiles in our kilns for many listed building projects. Individuality is particularly important here, as standard sizes and standard solutions are not the norm for listed buildings. Due to its versatility and the many design options, plain tiles play a major role here. With our wide range of special cuts such as hexagonal, rhombic or Gothic, we have already been able to produce the right plain tile for a wide variety of listed building projects, e.g. the medieval imperial castle in Nuremberg.

Monument protection
Plain tile monument protection overview
Plain tile Rautenspitz Kaiserburg Nuremberg

Rautenspitz flamed plain tile on the historic Imperial Castle in Nuremberg

Plain tile Untere Muehlen Bamberg

Reconstruction of the "Untere Mühlen" in Bamberg

Plain tile segment cut Old Post Office

Old post office in Nagold – complete renovation under monument protection requirements

Production in Langenzenn

Plain tile manufacture with tradition since 1878

In 1878, masonry tile production was founded in Langenzenn and as early as 1950, beaver production began at the site. As a result, the plant is continuously developed over the next few years and becomes increasingly important in the region. In 1998, the most modern robot-controlled roof tile plant (30 million Deutschmarks) in Europe goes into operation. With the 100% takeover of Walther Dachziegel GmbH in Langenzenn, Franconia, in 2005, the Jacobi Group becomes the largest family-run medium-sized company in the German roof tile industry.
Today, the site attaches great importance to the sustainable use of our environmental resources, including the clay pit belonging to the plant, and invests in various apprenticeships such as the now rare profession of ceramist. At the Langenzenn site, the course is set for another 100 years of production.

The plain tiles are manufactured in a modern production plant. In addition to the many models and cut shapes, the different colors and surfaces provide almost endless possibilities for plain tile roofing. With 27 different colors on offer and various surface finishes such as smooth, roughened, brushed or with vertical ribs, we guarantee the highest degree of individuality.

We are particularly proud of our precious glazes and the glazes in the Avantgarde Collection. High-quality, glossy surfaces mac

Plain tile clay pit Langenzenn

Clay extraction in our own clay pit in Langenzenn

Plain tiles Langenzenn plant site

Aerial view of the production in Middle Franconia

Plain tile production

Plain tiles are cut from a continuously pressed clay column

Plain tile quality laboratory

The quality of the clay tiles is tested in the in-house laboratory

With the right accessories for a high-quality roof view

Like all our roof tile models, our plain tiles stand for aesthetics, durability and high product quality. We recommend using our extensive range of roof accessories and clay fittings to ensure that these properties are optimally reflected on the roof. This results in an all-ceramic roof that not only defies wind and weather, but also ensures a harmonious appearance.
From high-quality ridge and hip accessories to accessories for side roof finishes and our non-ceramic accessories for individual requirements – our extensive range of accessories is available in all colors in which our plain tiles are also available.

Biberschwanzziegel Zubehoer

Original accessories for the best protection on the roof