Investing in the future with photovoltaics

Solar energy

Roof covering of integrated solar system J160-PV

Solar solutions from Jacobi

In a world that is increasingly looking for environmentally-friendly energy solutions, solar energy is moving more and more into the limelight. There are many benefits. By switching over to renewable energies, not only are we making an active contribution towards climate protection, we are also reducing our energy costs in the long term. Solar energy is an investment into the future that pays off not only on an environmental level, but also on a financial one.

With our solar systems, we too are investing in the future. For us, it is about harnessing innovation and progress to develop environmentally-friendly energy solutions that are not only efficient, but also aesthetically pleasing. Our roof-integrated solar solutions combine our top-quality ceramic roof tiles with innovative solar technology. They allow solar modules to be seamlessly integrated into roof architectures without having to compromise on aesthetics. Our products also allow the installation of conventional on-roof solar systems. We provide quality solar accessories made of robust cast aluminium.

Our roof-integrated solar solutions

Combining roof tiles with solar power! With our roof-integrated solar solutions, you can enjoy all the benefits of quality ceramic roof tiles at the same time as a high-tech, high-performance photovoltaic system that fits seamlessly into the roof surface.

Stylist-PV solar roof tiles with Autarq

Our Stylist-PV solar roof tiles combine modern ceramic roof tiles with quality solar modules. This takes the integration of solar modules to the next level.

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Surface covered with Stylist-PV solar roof tiles in red-brown

J160-PV in-roof module solution

Our J160-PV in-roof module solution means you can have both a photovoltaic system and a stylish roof. The high-performance, high-tech photovoltaic system is subtly incorporated into the roof area.

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Surface covered with J160-PV solar in-roof module in old black

Elegant, safe and simple to install

Our quality solar installation systems

Our quality solar installation systems made of non-breakable cast aluminium are really robust to ensure a perfect hold. The system of troughs used is identical to the ceramic roof tiles for a guaranteed perfect fit, making them easy to use. There is no need to compromise the interlocking on the roof tiles! This keeps the roof rain-proof and gives it a long life.

  • Simple handling thanks to aluminium base tiles
  • Colour-matched to roof tile colour to optimise aesthetics
  • Universally applicable for a range of systems
Our solar installation systems
Trend tile J160 with solar mounting system K2 holder