Our product range contains a variety of different types of clay roof tiles. The right product for you depends on the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the different roof tiles. We have all the information you need here to find the perfect clay roof tile for your building project!

Our roof tiles

  • Solar Solutions

    Large photovoltaic modules on the roof? There is another way! Our roof-integrated solar solutions blend discreetly and strikingly into the roof surface.

    Dachintegrierte Solarlösungen
  • Trend tile

    Our designer tiles are sleek and modern and architecturally demanding, perfected for architects and clients looking for a touch of Bauhaus flair.

    Nahaufnahme einer Dachfläche mit Trendziegel in altrot gedeckt
  • Flat roof tile

    Flat roof tiles with circular interlocking: Real flexibility for new builds and renovations. Discover our wide range of models and colours.

    Flachdachziegel J13v in edelspacegrau im Ton
  • Smooth tile

    A simple design with straight lines in traditional light colours and popular dark tones, our flat tiles are perfect for any contemporary roof.

  • Interlocking tile

    For new builds and renovations: Discover our huge variety of colours and finishes to find the right interlocking tiles for your property.

    Fläche gedeckt mit Hohlfalzziegel Z5 rot-bunt gedämpft
  • Roman pan tile

    The Roman pan tile has a jaunty structure with a Mediterranean feel. They make perfect roof tiles for bungalows and Tuscan-style homes.

  • Flap tiles

    With its unique bag-shaped flap, the historic flap tile is the tile of choice for preserving the value of listed properties.

    Fläche gedeckt mit Krempziegel K1 in naturrot
  • Hollow tiles

    Our traditional hollow tiles are perfect for listed buildings and roof renovation projects. Natural colours and bright special editions are great for preserving the value of old buildings.

    Dachdetail mit Hohlpfanne H2 in dunkelbraun gedeckt
  • Standard interlocking tile

    Whether you are renovating old buildings or looking for an alternative to flat tiles in modern architecture, reformed tiles are always a good choice.

    Dachfläche mit Reformziegel Z10
  • Large size interlocking tile with double trough

    Whether on agricultural buildings or renovated old buildings, our double recess clay tiles lend a certain character to any building.

    Fläche gedeckt mit Doppelmuldenfalzziegel Tradition
  • Plain Tile

    These come in a range of models to look good on any roof, including ‘Southern German’, ‘Berlin’, ‘Wavy’, ‘Church’ or ‘Tower’.


Stylist-PV solar roof tile

Combination of ceramic roof tiles and solar energy

Solar roof tiles
Surface covered with Stylist-PV solar roof tiles in red-brown

Accessories for our roof tiles

  • Ceramic accessories

    With ridges, double beads and ventilation tiles, our ceramic accessories meet all important requirements, making them the perfect solution for a completely ceramic roof.

    Detailed view of First
  • Non-ceramic accessories

    Quality, long-lasting accessories made of cast aluminium for a perfect fit with our roof tiles. Available in a range of colours.

    Dachdetail mit nichtkeramischen Zubehör von Jacobi
  • Storm clips

    Our storm clips are used to secure roof tiles to the roof framework. They are available in various designs.

    Bild von Sturmklammer