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Roofer covering clay roof tiles on the roof

Sample tiles

Can your customers not decide on a model or would they like to see our roof tiles in the flesh? Then you can order a free sample of your favourite tiles.

Order sample tiles 
Order sample tiles

Product variety

Roof tiles and accessories

We offer a full range, with a virtually endless range of roof tile designs and colours, plus quality, perfect-fit ceramic and non-ceramic accessories.

Our roof tiles designs and colours

With interlocking tiles, flat pan tiles, flat tiles and plain tiles, our product range contains a variety of different types of roof tiles types in more than 50 different colours.

Our ceramic roof tiles 

Surface with different roof tiles from Jacobi

Our accessories

Our roof tiles are all about aesthetics, longevity and excellent product quality. To make the very most of these characteristics, we recommend using our roof accessories and clay fittings.


Detailed view of First

Benefits across the board

FAL, our full ceramic ridge solution

The full ceramic ridge solution (FAL) is the key to a roof finish that is technically and optically perfect.  By using FAL, not only do you save completely on the ridge tape, you can also ensure lasting specialist back ventilation in the roof of up to 113.0 cm2 ventilation Ø per metre. The FAL is also an economical solution as it saves on what can sometimes be the high costs of ridge tapes. You can also save valuable laying time as there is no need for the time-consuming laying of the ridge roll. The problems of gluing the ridge tape in the rain and the repair work often required are also things of the past.

Detached house with pitched roof and J11v roof tile in matt Tuscan red. The focus of the image is on the ridge and roof covering