Installing solar systems safely: Our solar mounting systems

Our high-quality solar mounting systems are made of robust die-cast aluminum and therefore offer reliable support without compromise. Thanks to the identical interlocking system as with our clay flat tiles, our mounting systems are guaranteed to fit perfectly and are therefore easy to install. It is not necessary to interfere with the interlocking of the roof tiles. In this way, the roof remains durable and provides reliable protection against wind and weather.

Aesthetic, safe & stable

The advantages of our solar accessories

  • High-quality aesthetics thanks to color coordination with the roof tile color
  • Universally applicable for various systems
  • Easy handling thanks to aluminum base pans
  • Weather-resistant, as no “bending” of the roof tiles is necessary
  • High safety due to load capacity of at least 600 kg
  • Our 20-year product guarantee remains valid when used
To the accessories
Reform tiles on an imposing clinker brick house

K2 holder for K2 SingelRail mounting rail

Thanks to the innovative K2 solar holder, developed in close cooperation with K2 Systems, in conjunction with the tried-and-tested K2 SingleRail PV mounting system and our high-quality base tiles, installing photovoltaic systems has never been easier. The solar bracket, specially designed for all Jacobi models and made in Germany, not only guarantees an aesthetically pleasing appearance, but is also characterized above all by its technical sophistication. The well thought-out design makes it quick and easy to attach the solar modules to the roof, allowing you to benefit from the advantages of clean and sustainable energy in no time at all.

K2 SingleRail mounting system & aluminum base pan & K2 holder

  • Significantly reduced installation time as the bracket is adapted to the K2 SingleRail mounting rails
  • The time-consuming alignment of the mounting rails is no longer necessary, as the tile’s own inclination is already taken into account in the bracket
  • No need for time-consuming cutting on the roof tiles
  • By combining the K2 SingleRail 50 with our base socket system and the new K2 bracket, load transfers (span width) of up to 240 cm can be achieved
  • The new K2 bracket fits the SingleRail 36 and SingleRail 50 mounting rails and is compatible with all aluminum base tiles of our roof tile models
K2 holder on aluminum base pan with rail

Solar support with base tile

The solar support with base tile is made of unbreakable die-cast aluminum and ensures stable and durable fastening of rails for photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors. The color and shape of the base tile is precisely matched to the selected clay roof tile.

solar support with base tile

Solar passage with base tile

Our solar perforated tile including aluminum base tile enables a safe and kink-free feed-through of solar cables into the inner roof. Thanks to the same interlocking system as the selected flat tiles and color coordination, a perfect fit and a harmonious roof appearance are guaranteed.

solar corridor with base tile

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Questions about our solar accessories?

Are you interested in our solar accessories or do you have any questions? We are here for you! Please get in touch with your personal contact person. They will be happy to help and advise you.

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Our roof-integrated solar solutions

Combining roof tiles with solar power! With our roof-integrated solar solutions, you can enjoy all the benefits of quality ceramic roof tiles at the same time as a high-tech, high-performance photovoltaic system that fits seamlessly into the roof surface.

Stylist-PV solar roof tiles with Autarq

Our Stylist-PV solar roof tiles combine modern ceramic roof tiles with quality solar modules. This takes the integration of solar modules to the next level.

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Surface covered with Stylist-PV solar roof tiles in red-brown

J160-PV in-roof module solution

Our J160-PV in-roof module solution means you can have both a photovoltaic system and a stylish roof. The high-performance, high-tech photovoltaic system is subtly incorporated into the roof area.

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Surface covered with J160-PV solar in-roof module in old black