Stylish clinker bungalow with J11v in volcanic black


Trendy bungalow meets classic hipped roof

Stunningly beautiful bungalow in clinker brick look! On the roof, our all-rounder J11v in a particularly high-quality glaze.

A beautifully colour-coordinated ensemble: clinker bricks, tiles, dormer cladding, windows and garage door. Very successful! The roof with our best-selling J11v tile also gives the property a modern, fresh and cosy look thanks to the trendy volcanic black surface from our Collection Avantgarde glaze range. This is one of the reasons why this flat roof tile is so frequently chosen. Here, the J11v has been combined with our F6v ridge, ridge starter and 3-axis hip caps. This combination has created an aesthetically pleasing overall look and a perfectly ventilated roof.

Data & Facts

roof tiles
J11v volcanic black
Collection Avantgarde
volcanic black
Number of available colors
Sanitary fan J11v, Ridge starter F6v for gable roof, Ridge F6v und 3-axis hip cap F6v

Selection of products used

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