A dream in clay. Detached house with clinker brick and Z5 hollow interlocking tile


Tone-on-tone with Z5 hollow interlocking tiles in old red

Insanely inspiring clinker brick house with our Z5 hollow interlocking brick in the old red engobe. This marvellous property is just one of many references!

The harmonious tone-on-tone design of the clinker brick façade and the Z5 hollow interlocking tile in old red on the roof make this detached house shine as a romantic home in a modern country house style. The F6v ridge, also in antique red, provides the perfect finishing touch at the top. No verges or double-bead tiles have been used on the sides, instead wooden elements have been used, which blend beautifully with the eye-catching veranda.

Data & Facts

roof tiles
Z5 old red
Natural red/engobed
old red
Number of available colors
Sanitary fan Z5 und Ridge F6v

Selection of products used

  • Sanitary fan Z5

    Perfectly matching the curved Z5 hollow interlocking tile, the sanitary vent ensures professional…

    Sanitary fan Z5
  • Ridge F6v

    Our F6v ridge not only ensures that the roof is securely finished at…

    Rygning F6v