Maroon roof surface radiates harmony


This top renovated detached house radiates warmth and elegance.

High-quality, fine lustre thanks to the marron, glazed surface from our Avantgarde Collection on a renovated pitched roof.

Here, our best-selling tile, the Allrounder J11v, shines in the Avantgarde Collection with a maroon finish. Why Allrounder? Hardly any other tile has this many colours to offer. It also offers the best possible protection with the best possible hail resistance class! The accurate high-gloss surface of the pitched roof is only interrupted by two skylights and a chimney. Our perfectly colour-coordinated F6v ridge can be admired on the roof surface, which can be found in the ceramic accessories! At the side, our J11v ridge flashings protect against water ingress.

Data & Facts

roof tiles
J11v maroon
Collection Avantgarde
61194 Niddatal
Number of available colors
Verge left J11v, Verge right J11v, Ridge F6v, Ridge ender F6v und Ridge starter F6v for gable roof

Selection of products used

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