It’s so green – eye-catching with J11v flat roof tile in fine green


Apartment block with flat roof tile J11v in fine green

Typical design from the 70/80s with a bright green roof. Even the snow guard is perfectly colour-coordinated.

With the extraordinary fine green roof tile, every property becomes a special eye-catcher. In this house, the J11v flat roof tile in noble green emphasises the light green house façade and creates a harmonious overall look. The house with two full storeys is perfectly complemented in colour by the J11v canopy, the green chimney surround and green front door. The roof is finished with the F6v ridge with ridge moulding and matching verges at the sides. The matching colour snow guard ensures snow safety!

Data & Facts

roof tiles
J11v fine green
Fine engobes
fine green
Ulrike Müller und Benjamin Müller
Number of available colors
Verge left J11v, Verge right J11v, Snow guard holder J11v, Sanitary fan J11v, Ridge F6v, Ridge ender F6v, Ridge starter F6v for gable roof und Snow guard grid

Selection of products used