Small urban villa with flat roof tile J11v in old black


Classic detached house with timeless J11v flat roof tile in old black.

There is a very nice detailed view of this object from the ridge starter - matching the ridge tile F6v from our ceramic accessories.

The J11v flat roof tile in old black is a timeless classic that suits almost any architectural style. In combination with the simple façade, this detached house will still be a pleasure to look at even after many years. A beautiful contrast on the façade: clinker bricks below the foot wall; light-coloured plaster above. A beautiful detached house with an impressive entrance area.

Data & Facts

roof tiles
J11v old black
Natural red/engobed
old black
Number of available colors
Sanitary fan J11v, Ridge starter F6v for gable roof, Ridge F6v, 3-axis hip cap F6v und Thermal corridor (Image similar)

Selection of products used

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