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Stylist-PV solar roof tiles: The benefits to you

Heavy solar panels on the roof? It’s not the only way! Our Stylist-PV solar solution with Autarq combines roof tiles and solar modules to produce solar roof tiles that can be subtly and elegantly embedded into the roof surface. It means you can harness the regenerative energy of the sun in a way that is both modern and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Parallel circuits minimise shadow losses
  • Huge flexibility: High yields can be achieved even from complex roof areas with lots of interference issues
  • Hard roofing: can be laid as far as the fire walls
  • Made in Germany

    WALTHER Stylist® flat tiles are made in our factory in Langenzenn. Each individual roof tile is then further processed into a quality solar tile in Prenzlau. It is a delicate process involving careful manual work.

    Clay pit for the production of roof tiles
  • Also suitable for listed buildings

    In the red-brown option, solar roof tiles are also perfect for listed buildings. Combined with our historic Tradition 2021 double recess clay tile, it makes an attractive option for aesthetically pleasing solar solutions.

    Solar tile Stylist-PV with Autarq on barn with half-timbering and clinker façade.
  • Long service life

    The materials used have excellent UV and weather-resistance properties. The Autarq performance promise: even after 25 years, the solar tiles will produce at least 80 % of their initial output.

    Solar roof tiles have a long service life - image of raindrops
  • Architecture and aesthetics

    The original WALTHER Stylist® tile is perfectly matched to the solar laminates. This means the solar roof tiles blend seamlessly into the roof area to create an aesthetically pleasing whole.

    Close-up of a roof covered with Stylist-PV solar roof tiles in elegant black
  • Non-hazardous low voltage

    Voltages of up to 120 Volts are considered low voltage. Our solar tiles run at a maximum of 90 Volts. This means they are safe to lay and do not pose a risk in the event of a fire.

    Installation of solar roof tiles in close-up

Simple, quick and safe

Laying solar roof tiles

Whether your roof is large and open or small and angled, our solar roof tiles can be quickly and easily fitted to virtually all roof surfaces. They have the same specifications as flat tiles, so the processes for laying them are familiar to any roofer. And the best bit is: nothing needs to be changed on the recesses of the tiles!

Want to retrofit a roof with solar roof tiles? Not a problem either! Simply replace the original tiles. There is no increase to the mechanical load on the roof. As the system is modular in design, it can be added to at any point.

Non-hazardous low voltage

Voltages of up to 120 Volts are considered (safety) low voltage (SELV in accordance with ICE NORM 60449). Our solar tiles do not exceed 90 Volts and can therefore be fitted safely. The solar cable and plug-in modules are underneath the tiles so they are protected from the weather.

Electronic data of the solar roof tile

Nominal power P10 W (ca. 124 Watt/m²)8 W (ca. 99 Watt/m²)
Nominal power U41 V41 V

Material data

Dimensions270 x 420 mm
Solar module size210 x 330 mm
Mechanical load capacity5400 Pa.
Front glass3,2 mm
Solar cellsMonocrystalline silicon
Operating temperature-40°C bis +85°C

Answers to important questions about solar roof tiles

Autarq draws up a roof laying plan with the solar tile areas marked in a different colour. But this plan is flexible and can largely be adapted to the routine changes made during a building project. The colour plans are used for laying the wiring looms (along the underside of the roof battens). While the wiring looms are being laid, a decision can be made as to how and whether the plans need to be adjusted to reality. After that, no further changes are possible, nor are they necessary. Once the wiring looms have been laid, your employees can see for themselves that the solar tiles are to be fitted everywhere there is a wiring loom.

For the first projects we carry out with you, an Autarq fitter will join you on site. For later projects, you will be able to call him or our hotline.

Yes, although there is a cable and connectors on the back of every solar tile. The solar tile is placed on the roof batten as normal, then the cable is plugged into the wiring loom. Storm clips and bolted connections can be fitted as normal. Although this differs from type to type, the sliding distance can be slightly restricted compared to standard tiles. This is because the tile on the top row cannot overlap the glass panel (solar module) of the tile in the row beneath. It is important to consider this when laying the battens. At very low temperatures (about freezing point), the connectors are a little less elastic and will take a little more force to insert. But there is no risk and they are not more brittle. In these cases, one solution is to use Teflon Spray to make it easier to insert the connectors.

No. This is the unique selling point of Autarq technology. As soon as the wiring loom is laid (and even laying the wiring looms does not require a great deal of electrical engineering skill), the remaining work can be carried out by the roofer. The handover point is the junction box or PV converter (preferably in the loft). All the cables from the roof lead there. The electrician can also arrive later and carry out the work from there (connection to inverter and battery). It is not necessary for the roofer and the electrician to be on site at the same time!

Accurate data is the key to successful planning. This is why we are happy to help you measure your roof if you wish us to. Using state-of-the-art drone technology, we can deliver a high-precision recording of your house or building. These exact measurements provide the perfect basis for the implementation of our solar solutions. Interested? Then contact us.

Receive an individual quote for the Stylist-PV solar roof tile


We are happy to produce a detailed quotation that is tailored to your project once we have found out the specific requirements of the roof and the wishes of the client. Please contact us by e-mail on or fill out our contact form.

Please note that all sales are through authorised roofing specialists or construction materials suppliers.

Renovated detached house with our solar tile Stylist-PV with Autarq with detailed view of the PV system

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